Furisode Vest

Finished my furisode vest.  Furisode was wonderful to work with.  Very soft.  Wonderful noro colorways.

I took the same pattern that Marcia used for her Aya vest and changed some numbers and voila!  Here is my vest.

Here are some of my changes:

The original pattern had 5 plain knit stitches in between a YO and a decrease.  I changed it to 4 plain knit stitches.  The original pattern had a pairing of a SSK and a K2tog.  I changed that to a double decrease. 

Double decreases are often done in the following manner:  Slip two stitches at the same time as if you were about to k2tog.  Knit next stitch.  Pass the two slipped stitches over the stitch just knitted.  I found this to be a little bit unsatisfactory.  The last plain knit stitch before the double decrease always came out a little loose.  So I did my double decrease in this manner:  Slip two stitches at the same time as if you were about to k2tog. Slip the next stitch knit wise.  insert the left needle back into the three slipped stitches.  Knit all 3 stitches together.


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2 Responses to Furisode Vest

  1. Leslie says:

    Hi! I love this blog. You two ladies constantly inspire me. I haven’t picked up any Noro… yet! I need to pick out a new pattern and some great yarn. Any suggestions? I miss seeing you two. Let’s plan lunch or a knitting date soon!

    • Hey! You are suppose to be one of the contributors of this blog. What are you doing just commenting? You should be posting, even if it is about your lack of noro. Or you should be posting about your noro use in the past!

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