Here is a story that pops into my head now whenever someone mentions entrelec.  For those of you who don’t know, entrelac is a knitting technique.  It is different from other knitting in that you work little squares on point, connecting them as you go.  For the novice knitter that is used to knitting back and forth, row after row, it can be confusing.  It isn’t hard.  Just different.

A few months ago I was helping a friend out by working at her store during the Super Bowl Sunday sale.  (does any yarn shop in the USA NOT have a Super Bowl Sunday sale anymore?).

Anyway, I was working the cash register.  The store was busy. There was a line 5 or 6 ladies deep at the cash register.  One lady walked into the store, didn’t even look around, but got promptly in line for the cash register.   When she got to the front she asked if I had the yarn for entrelac.  I paused, and before I could answer, she responded, “No.  Yarn for entrelac.   EN-TRA-LAC.  DO YOU HAVE YARN FOR EN-TRA-LAC”  (the caps here are representing the way she was shouting loudly at me).  My thoughts were: “lady, you can use ANY yarn for EN-TRA-LAC, what the heck are you shouting for?”  But instead what came out of my mouth was, “Kathy, the shop owner is right over there.  Maybe she can help you.”

So, did the lady think I didn’t know what entrelac was?  Did the lady think that I didn’t speak English (Marcia’s theory)? Or did the lady think only one kind of yarn could be used for entrelac and that one kind of yarn could only be used for entrelac?

Anyway…….. yes I know what entrelac is.  And here is proof


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