Blue Apple Placemat #2

I’m getting better at piecing quarter circles.  I finished piecing a second placemat last night.  I should have been practicing for my concerts on Thursday and Friday.   I wanted to sew it up on Sunday.  But on Sunday I had a student change her lesson time because her father wanted to watch the world cup, instead of drive her to her viola lesson.  It ended up that the whole day was so broken up that I got nothing done.  I had a student every other hour.  Finally after my final student left, “I thought, yay!  It is 8 p.m. I’m done teaching for the day.  I can spend the rest of the evening either knitting or sewing.”  Then on my way from my teaching room to my sewing/tv room I was confronted with this.Dang it!  PLUS all the dinner plates, glasses and silverware were still on the dinner table.  My family had dinner while I was teaching and left the mess for me to clean up.   I spent the rest of the evening clean up the kitchen.

So my knitting and sewing is one day behind schedule.  But I’m happy with the results.

And here is what I discovered about piecing quarter circles.  I have a curved piecing foot.  That helps a lot.  Also for me, it works better to have the convex piece on the bottom when I sew.  When I have the square piece with the “bite” taken out on the bottom I tend to accidentally sew pleats into the thing.

Semi-circles are definitely harder than quarter-circles.  I’d like to try to do a complete circle that is pieced and not appliqued.


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