Knitting is slow

Originally I had planned on knitting an afghan for my brother-in-law Jimmy.  Jimmy is my favorite among my husband’s siblings.  He never forgets the kids’ birthdays and he always send a package at Christmas.  His packages are always interesting and never predictable.  Jimmy doesn’t have any kids of his own, so I can’t reciprocate by sending something for his kids.  And my husband’s family frowns on adults exchanging Christmas or birthday gifts.   So I feel like Jimmy should get knitted gifts. 

I’ve made scarves, and hats for Jimmy so far.  So I decided he didn’t need another scarf or hat.  And I don’t want to make anything where the size matters.  So I started a log cabin afghan based on the pattern in the Mason Dixon Knitting book.

I really like the colors.  I really like the yarn (Berroco Comfort).  I really like the pattern.  I’m not liking how slow it is going.  Each section is bigger than the last and taking longer.  At first it felt like I’d get the afghan done by the end of summer.  Now in the last week of July it feel like it’ll be Christmas by the time this is finished. Of course I could finish it if I only knit on this obsessively and nothing else. But I also would like to finish my top down Taiyo summer sweater before the summer is over (pattern is from Knitting Pure and Simple). 

I’ve got the ribbing, sleeves and front bands yet to do, and then the summer sweater is done.

Then Cynthia sent me some wonderful ombre fabric.  I started piecing a quilt.  And in two days I got twice as far in the quilt as I did in 2 months with the knitted log cabin.

My piecing isn’t perfect.   So please ignore the points that don’t perfectly come together.

I love how this quilt top is looking.  It will be a great gift for Jimmy.  It looks modern and fits in his living room’s color scheme.  I love this fabric.  If I were a hoarding quilter I’d buy bolts and bolts of this fabric in every color it comes in. 

So now I’m thinking of giving Jimmy a sewn quilted afghan instead of a knitted afghan.  It is just so much faster. 

I hope I have the ombre one block quilt top done by this weekend so that next week while the kids are at summer camp all day I can free motion quilt the afghan and the blue apple placemats uninterrupted.


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3 Responses to Knitting is slow

  1. Leslie says:

    Hi! I just checked your blog. It has been too long! I spent this week catching up on laundry and teaching Vacation Bible School. I hope to spend this week catching up with friends (you!) and knitting! I feel like I’ve lost myself this summer…it’s all about the kids! Hope you are well. Oh, and I LOVE your quilting! LOVE…you are so very talented!

  2. peigo says:

    I am reading your blog for the first time. I too am a knitter and quilter. I love the quilt you show here. Simple block–but such a creative design. I find quilting or knitting can take a long time–depending on the size and complexity of the design. I tend to keep my knitting ones smaller so I can finish them sooner. How long has your mitered project been going?

    • I think I started it at least a year and a half ago. For a long time I kept it by the phone and would knit a bit whenever I was on a long phone call. I think I need to focus on it some more to just get it done.

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