Road Trip

I live 5 minutes from one lys, and 20 minutes from another.  Without going into why, I like visiting the one 20 minutes away.  But it is across the river.  For some reason driving across the river seems to be a bigger ordeal than driving 20 minutes in the other direction.  A friend of mine theorizes that it links into a primordeal feeling of mountains and rivers being difficult terrain to cross.   And it isn’t just me.  Here in the valley where I live there are two of just about every store.  There is a Target on the west shore and 20 minutes away there is a Target on the east shore.  THere is a Home Depot on the west shore, and a Home Depot on the east shore.  I think the big box stores figured out that people in this valley will not cross the river to shop.  If there weren’t a Target on the west shore, west shore people will just go to Kmart because there is a Kmart on the west shore.  Even if they preferred shopping at Target, the west shore people have something against crossing the river.  And the east shore people have the same feeling. 

So here are pics from our road trip across the big scary river. Of course lots of noro was involved.

Here is RaeAnn working on her striped noro sweater.

Here is Marcia’s striped noro sweater in progress.

Same pattern as RaeAnn, but a different colorway.

Here is my finished Taiyo Summer Sweater.

Still needs blocking and buttons, but knititng is all done.

I didn’t knit the sleeves as long as in the pattern.  I made this modification partly for fashion reasons and partly for the reason that I abhor the knitting of the sleeves in top down sweaters.  I abhor it enough that I’ll abandon the benefits of top down sweater knitting and knit things in pieces or bottom up just to avoid those top down sleeves.

And here is the lovely lys owner we went to visit.She is wearing her Herbivore scarf.  Very lovely.  Makes me want to make one too.

And here is Marcia wearing my Taiyo sweater.  Marcia doesn’t like her picture taken.


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One Response to Road Trip

  1. Leslie says:

    Ha! Love your post! Being that I was raised as an “East Shore” girl, but now live on the West Shore… I had to giggle out loud when I read your thoughts. I, too consider my 27 minute ride to my parents a road trip! We have so much at our finger tips here on the WS. I haven’t been to YL since my last trip with you! I truly need to go… Fall is coming, and I need to stock up on my yarn. Are there any new Noro colors with purples and greens? Still haven’t knit anything in those colors. I’m thinking maybe the Silk Kerchief pattern on Ravelry. Hope to see you soon. It’s been too long.

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