another noro vest

I’ve been knitting a sweater for each of my kids’ picture day since they were in preschool.  This year both of my kids asked for vests instead of sweaters.  Yay!  no sleeves to deal with.  I love knitting vests.

I just finished my daughter’s vest earlier this week.  I made up the pattern myself.  I cast on 100+ stitches and did four rows of garter stitch.  Then I began with one cable pattern, then added another cable pattern in the center, and ended with the same cable pattern I started with.    After knitting for 5 inches it looked like the four inches of garter stitch wasn’t going to keep the reverse stockinette part of the garment from rolling.  Instead of ripping and starting over, I dropped 5 stitches all the way down to the garter stitch section and changed it from reverse stockinette to stockinette.  In effect I changed the garment from having three cables on a reverse stockinette background to three cables between some 5×5 ribs.

Here is a picture.

I also added a zipper up the front.  I like the way the I-cord bind off hides the zipper.  I wanted a hot fuschia colored zipper, but couldn’t find any at the store.  So I’m happy that the i-cord bind off hides the lavender colored zipper.

Here is a close up picture of the i-cord bind off with the zipper visible.

Here is a close up picture with the zipper closed and the i-cord hiding the zipper.

It looks like I did a different sized i-cord for the left and right sides, but that is just an illusion.  The thick and thin properties of the Kureyon yarn is responsible for that illusion. If I were a pickier knitter it would bother me.  But it doesn’t bother me.  I feel it adds to the handmade look of the whole garment.

Here are some close up pics of the cables I used for this garment.

This is the cable on the back of the garment.

It is from book 3 of the Barbara Walker treasuries.

Here is the cable I used on the front.  It is from a book by Stanfield called the New Knitting Stitch Library.

Anyway, enough about the vest.

Here is my knitting tip of the day.

I’m currently knitting the Pogona scarf by Stephen West.

In the pattern the instructions tell you to repeat the first two rows until the work measures 3 inches.  THen you repeat another set of instructions until the work measures 6 inches.  And then you repeat another set of instructions until the work measures 14 inches.

I often have trouble finding my measuring tape.  So this morning when I finally found a ruler I made marks on my pattern for 3 inches and 6 inches and 7 inches.Now when I have to measure my work in progress, as long as I have my pattern with me, I’ll know exactly how long 3 and 6 inches are.  For the 14 inches I’ll measure the full length of the paper (11 inches) and add the 3 inches I’ve marked to get the 14 inches.

Happy knitting!


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