Walking Dead

I usually can’t stand horror flicks. But somehow, I’ve gotten hooked onto the tv show “The Walking Dead”.

I can only watch it in 5 minute increments, before getting the bejebbers scared out of me. But I still watch it. I tivo it, and give myself breaks from the gore every 5 minutes.

I love everything about the show……except two things are bothering me.

#1 In the refugee camp, why does it seem like people are still divided among racial lines? The Hispanic man has a Hispanic family that welcomes him home with open arms. The blond scavenger girl has a blond sister that cares about her and waits for her return. The African American dad had an ideal African American family before his wife was turned into a zombie. White with white, black with black……are there really no inter-racial families in this post apocalyptic world??

#2 why do the majority of the zombies have shoes and are wearing suits and business clothes? In the show, it is explained that some sort of virus first gets people really really sick, with a really high fever that must burn out their brain. And then after they die, they come back to life as a human flesh craving zombie. Well, if you were really sick with a high fever, would you keep your shoes on and dress in a business suit? Shouldn’t there be more shoeless zombies in pajamas and sweat pants? There were two dress that way in the first episode. (The little girl zombie in her too small bunny slippers and pajamas, managed to think to put on a robe before venturing out looking for human flesh. And the African American mommy zombie seemed to be dress in pajamas, but managed to get a robe on before wandering the streets) But I saw lots of nice shoes in the second episode.

Oh well….. it is still a great show. Just gotta ignore the clothing. Don’t get me started on Scooby Doo.


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