Noro is organic

I always tell the parents of my violin and viola students that buying a new violin or viola is very different from buying a new car even a new flute or trumpet.  I try to educate them that you can’t just go by the brand name, or a model number or even a price point.  Each instrument is unique, because the majority of a stringed instrument is made up of organic materials.  And just as each tomato in a grocer’s bin will be slightly different from the next one, each violin will be slightly different from the next one.  Sure you can bet that in general a plum tomato will be a different shape and a different taste and texture than a beefsteak tomato.  But each beefsteak tomato will be different from another one sitting right next to it.  And the factors that go into pricing an instrument aren’t always the same factors that make one violin more desirable for the student than the next.

How does that factor into yarn, knitting and noro?  Well, here is my picture to share today.

Look!  Look! Look!

Those two skeins are both Noro Kureyon Sock yarn (which sadly has been discontinued).

PLUS  they are both the same colorway (colorway 254).

PLUS they are both the same dyelot (dyelot A)!!!!!!

Noro is the world of nature.  It is very organic.  This is the kind of variation you find in organic materials.  This is a visual example of how two violas with the same price, from the same maker, using the same raw materials can come out different.

Here is a another picture.

My friend Marcia found the tweedy one while we were browsing at Yarn Love in Hummelstown, PA.  I’m currently on a strict yarn diet.  But when I saw Mr. Tweedy sitting there on the shelf not looking like any of his brothers and sisters I had to bring him home.  At home, I discovered I had in my stash one of Mr. Tweedy’s brothers already.

Is it normal for a person to get this excited over a ball of yarn.  I don’t know.  But like an addict, I’m breaking all my rules for recovery. (Is it also disturbing that I’ve given this ball of yarn a name?)

After taking stock of all my active works in progress (note the word “active”  because there are also works that I started and have shelved for one reason or another), I made a resolution to not start anything else until I have at least half of these project done and cast off.  Here is a picture of my active works in progress.

But Mr. Tweedy is wrinkling my knit addicted mind.  I’m feeling a very strong urge to cast on with him.   I’m working out lots of ways to rationalize breaking my resolution.

I’m thinking I’ll do a triangular shawl.  This decision meant I spending the last two hours searching Ravelry for a suitable pattern.   After a two hour search, I still haven’t decided. I think I might just make something up.  I’ll be sure to post Mr. Tweedy’s journey.



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