Finished Christmas presents

Every year I swing between my resolution never to craft anything for anybody for Christmas and the desire to show my love and appreciation with a handcrafted item.  My mom once said to me, “my sisters, and your sister-in-law got together and discussed Christmas presents.  We know you are having money problems, so we don’t want you to spend anything on anybody for Christmas.  We argreed that you should just knit us something.  A few sweaters would be o.k.”

That conversation convinced me that non-knitters have NO CLUE about the cost and time that a handcrafted items involves.  Really!??!?!  A hand knit sweater is considered something less expensive than something store bought?????  O.k. Ok  I know, that it is possible to make a sweater cheaply if you use that cheap acrylic yarn found at the big box discount stores.  But, that would be torturous for me to work with and the end result would be much much worse than a sweater bought at Old Navy for the same price.

But I broke my resolve and knitted and sewed some Christmas gifts this year.


First up is the six placemats I just finished this morning.

Because I was short on time, I just stacked and whacked.  I think it is a great study in how different proportions of colors greatly affect the overall feeling of a piece.

look how different this one looks from the next one.

I also knitted fingerless mitts for my childrens’ two head ballet teachers.  (the tap and jazz teachers are getting a bottle of wine).

I did purple for one teacher (yarn is Altobish Giusto) And I used Noro Retro for the pair for another teacher that I’ve only ever seen wear black.

A little bit about the Noro Retro:  Loved It!  I’d love to make a sweater out of NOro Retro.  But it would be a sweater for me, and not for anyone that thinks a hand knit sweater is an inexpensive gift.

Here is what I found interesting about the Noro Retro yarn: There were thick and thin spots through out, but they weren’t overly different in diameter.  It was kind of like working with a handspun yarn that was made by a very experienced hand spinner.   The yarn was slightly scratchy, but not overly so.  I think it will soften with washing.  The angora also gives it a slightly hazy finished looked, and makes the finished item extremely warm.  Retro doesn’t knit up to look like something knit out of Cascade 220.  It looks more rugged and less polished.

pattern for the mitts coming soon….



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