2 monkeys in the middle finished and starting something new

This was the first quilt where I was totally happy with the binding.  I used a Bernina #10 to stitch in the ditch after attaching the binding to the front.  The #10 foot made stitching in the ditch a breeze.

I’m not totally happy with the free motion quilting I did.  But I’m eager to do another quilt to have a chance to try to do better.

Here is a close up of the two monkeys in the middle.  They are my sister’s kids.  She is so obsessed over them, she has a blog completely devoted to things they say.

Sure they say cute things.  But doesn’t every kid?



I didn’t quilt very densely.  I wanted the quilt to be soft and flexible.  The fabric for the binding is the same fabric for the center block.  That is the only place in the quilt with that fabric.


I like the way I was able to find two different fabrics that both had multi colored dots but the dots were different scales.

Now on the knitting front.

I started this as a lace triangle.  Then I saw someone’s lace 3/4 square on Ravelry and even though I had already knitted 60 rows, I unraveled and started over.

In order to do a 3/4 square instead of a triangle (which is really two quarters of a square), I provisonally cast on 2 stitches, then knitted 10 rows.  Then I picked up along the 5 garter ridges and picked up the two provisonally cast on stitches to end up with 9 stitches total.  Then I’m following Evelyn Clark’s wonderful directions in her book Knitting Lace Triangles, except I have two center stitches instead of one.

Now when I should be cleaning my house, I’m sitting and knitting on this thing.   I LOVE knitting lace.  I love the fact that I have to pay attention.  It is a good contrast to knitting garter stitch (which one day I’ll get back to those two garter stitch works in progress I have going, but not today).  I am bad at designing in lace, but I love love love knitting lace.

Unfortunately, I dyed this yarn myself and I only have the one skein.  I have trouble matching dyelots.  I tried and my new skeins are more yellow than this one.  But I think I can still use it.  It might be interesting to have a shawl that goes from blue green to yellow green.

I’m already planning on doing another 3/4 square with that tweedy Kureyon Sock once this one is done.  Am I like a drug addict planning on my next hit right after I come down from the high of the current hit?



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