A Perfect Ohio star

If you don’t quilt, you have no idea what kind of heart ache I went through to get this perfect Ohio Star Block done.

I had done over a dozen of them. And I was having trouble getting the points to match up. Many of them had different sized triangles, and points cut off, and just general wonkiness when I wasn’t trying to be wonky.

I tried the sandwiche method of making the hourglass units, I tried cutting triangles out, and I tried using a specialty ruler for cutting the quarter square triangles. All to no avail.

Finally I got this perfect one by doing the following things:

1) new blade on the rotary cutter. It is amazing how much the fabric can get skewed from a dull blade.

2) starch the heck out of the fabric. I used so much starch that the fabric was as stiff as an index card.

3) pin, pin, pin. I pinned every piece of fabric. I put a pin in near where the fabric entered the foot, one in the middle and one at the end. And I would pull the pin out just before the sewing machine needle got to it. And I put a few more pins in the middle if the piece was bigger than 2.5″.

4) press open the seams. I know, I know. Lots of quilting gurus recommend pressing the seams to the side. I had better luck matching up points when my seams were open.

Now, on to knitting.

I’m currently working on a little neck scarf with a yarn that is very very much like Noro. It is from Japan. It self stripes. It is only two loosely plied strands. But it isn’t NOro. It is Diakeito.

It isn’t as rustic as Noro. It is a little more smooth and polished. Too bad it isn’t as easy to find in the US as Noro.


About 365daysofnoro

We love to knit with Noro yarns
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