resizing knitting patterns

I recently finished knitting a sweater for my dearest daughter.

It fits her perfectly.

The yarn is Cascade Eco Wool, and the pattern is Aidez from Berroco.

The original pattern is sized for adults with directions for XS through 2XL.

It is a really nice pattern.  Easy to follow, relatively quick to knit and attractive to wear.

After I posted pictures of my daughter’s Aidez sweater I got questions from people asking about re-sizing the pattern for children.

Here are the steps I took to resize this pattern for my daughter:

  1. I knitted a gauge swatch with the yarn I wanted to use.  There is no short cut that eliminates this step.  You can do all the drafting, measuring, and tinkering you want.  But if your gauge isn’t what you think it is, you’ll end up with a surprise.
  2. I measured my daughter’s chest circumference, and then divided this number in half.  If I was working with a pattern that was knitted in the round or in one piece, I would not divide the chest circumference in half.  The Aidez pattern is knitted flat in pieces.  So I divided the circumference in half.
  3. I looked at the instructions for the back in the part just before the Shape Raglan Armholes where it reads “Dec 1 st each side of next row, then every 6½” twice more – 60(66-72-78-84-90) sts.”
  4. I divided my sts per inch (the number I got from measuring my gauge swatch) into each of the numbers from the pattern instructions.
  5. I compared my results with the number I got in step 2. In this case, the 60 sts came closest to that number, so I followed the instructions for the XS size.
  6. I also measured my rows per inch on the gauge swatch, and divided that number into the number of decrease rows for the raglan shaping.  I compared it to the armhold depth my daughter needed to fit, and adjusted the rate of decreases.  In other words, the pattern says “K2, k2 tog, work to last 4 sts, SSK, k2 – 52(58-62-64-64-66) sts.  Rep this dec every 4th row 3(1-0-0-0-0) times more, then every RS row 9(14-17-18-18-19) times, end on WS.  Bind off remaining 28 sts for back neck.”  I knew that if I followed these instructions blindly it wouldn’t fit my daughter.  So I adjusted it and did the following (I’ve put my changes in bold) “K2, k2 tog, work to last 4 sts, SSK, k2 – 52 sts.  Rep this dec every 6th row 2 times more, then every 3rd row 3 times, then every RS row until only 28 sts remain for the back.  Bind off remaining 28 sts for back neck.”

Another way to do it, is to take the desired finished size, divide it into the sts for the back and come up with a gauge you should knit.  In other words if I want to follow the directions for the medium size and end up with a size 30″, I’d divide 15 into 70.  I get the 15 by dividing 30 in half.  And I get the 70, by taking the number of stitches you’ll have just before the underarm decreases for the size medium (72) and subtracting the 2 sts that will get eaten up by the seams.  My result is 4.8.  So I can now go on a hunt for a yarn and needle combination where I can get a nice fabric at 4.8 sts per inch.  But I still have to knit a gauge swatch.

Hope that is helpful.


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