Surviving winter 2010/2011

I used to get these awful cracks in the skin on my thumbs and heels every winter.  The ones on my right hand thumb were particularly awful.  They made it so that every time I picked up the violin or viola I was in excruciating pain.  The cracks would occur right at the nail line.  They were raw, red, and took forever to heal.

So far, I’ve gone two winters without those cracks.  The cracks were so painful that whenever I hear someone else talk about the same skin condition I’m quick to pipe up with what worked for me.

First I found a shampoo that didn’t have sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate.

Then I bought some hand made soaps.

Two of my favorites are Daisycakes

and Rose of Sharon Acres

I put a bar of hand made soap in the shower, one by the kitchen sink and one by each bathroom sink.   I don’t worry too much about what soap I use when I’m out in public.  I briefly considered carrying around in my purse a bar of soap, but that was too much of a hassle.

Oh, and I’m a huge fan of Bath and Bodywork’s True Blue Spa “Look Ma New Hands” hand lotion.  Whenever my hands are a little rough and catching on the fibers of fine yarns this is my go to lotion.

So that is my trick to getting through the winter without any cracks in my skin.


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