Who did this?

Yesterday was warm enough that the majority of the snow on our front lawn has started to melt.

It melted to uncover this

My husband thought maybe it was the kids (neighbor’s 6 and 9 year old boys plus our own two pre-teens).

I don’t think so.  They are all too similar in width.

This part of the lawn is bordered by cement sidewalk and driveway on three sides and a thick patch of ivy on the fourth side.

These look like trenches that all start in the ivy and radiate out from there.

I think they are tunnels dug by chipmunks, or voles, or mice or rats under the snow during the winter.  Last fall before the snow came,  the cat would spend hours and hours staring into the ivy.  We never saw what he saw, but he spent hours each day crouched in position ready to pounce staring into the ivy.

I happy that I think I’m right about this and thought of the answer before my husband did. Now I’ll go knit a bit.


About 365daysofnoro

We love to knit with Noro yarns
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