A blooming nine patch and a Panda Silk DK Shawl

I’m not doing anything original right now.  I’m following other people’s patterns.

For knitting, I started another Panda DK Silk Shawl.  I’ve made one already in Noro Silk Garden Sock. It wasn’t in colors that I normally gravitate to, but I was happy with the end result.

This new one is in colors that I LOVE.  I’m very motivated to get this one finished. From experience I know that despite the start looking like a mess, it will block out beautifully.

And I also started a new quilt.  This time I’m planning to keep this one for myself.  I’m not sure Greg will be happy with it.  As I was ironing one of the fabrics last night he said, “what is that going to be?”  I told him it was for a quilt, and his answer was, “Doesn’t look very quilty to me.”

Anyway, despite Greg’s questioning of the fabric choice, I’m very excited about this project.  The nice owner of Quiltermaker’s Cottage in Hershey helped me with the last two colors.   She was also very helpful in putting together this cheat sheet to help me remember which color goes where.

Inspired by Noro yarns I choose two fabrics in colors I disliked and 6 fabrics in colors I love.  I’ve learned from Noro that the juxtaposition of yum and yuck colors is much more magical than all yum colors.

And here is the start of my blooming nine patch.

I’m starting at one corner instead of the middle.  The dark purple is one of my yum colors and the lavendar is something I’d consider a yuck color.  Just with the two fabrics, the effect is so so.  But I think adding even a third color magic will start to happen.

I’m trying really really really hard to cut with precision and sew with precision.  So far, I’d get a C for the cutting and a B- for the sewing.  At least my points are matching up.


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