Now where was I?

I can’t believe how busy I’ve been.

There have been family visits, (both out of town guests coming to visit us, and us going out of town visiting family).  And writing that little sentence doesn’t seem like it would make life so hectic and busy, but it does.  There is lots of pre-visit and post-visit work that takes me away from stitching both on my knitting projects and my sewing project.  Mostly it takes me away from my sewing projects.  I can still knit while in the car driving someplace.  But being from a family who isn’t as craft obsessed as I am, it feels odd to be the only one sitting at the dinner table with either needle and thread or yarn.  So I tend to put it away and focus on reconnecting with people I never feel I see enough of.

So now I need to remember where I left off and try to get this finished.  I’ve discovered lots of patterns that I want to do next.  But I’m trying hard not to create an overwhelming backlog of quilting projects in progress like I have an overwhelming number of knitting projects in progress.  So I must finish one quilt before starting another.  Although I have kind of made an excuse in my head for starting another.  The other one I want to start is applique, and the blooming nine patch is patchwork.  So I could justify working on both at the same time because they aren’t in the same category.

In the meantime I’ve also crocheted a few toys for my kids. 


And I made my first mug rug.  It was for a mug rug swap.  The recipient has the ravelry name of Barbknits.  Since I know she also quilts and likes pink and brown, I made this for her.  It has a patchwork background and simple fused applique letters. I was lots of fun to design and sew. In case you’ve never heard of a mug rug, it is a coaster that is big enough to fit a drink plus a cookie or brownie.  In other words something bigger than a coaster but smaller than a placemat.


I also discovered something very interesting about an acquaintance who is way more quilt obsessed than me.  She has two sewing machines.  One is in her sewing studio and one is in her kitchen.  She says that she has the one in the kitchen so that while she is cooking and waiting for something to happen (like water to boil, or something to brown before flipping) she sews a little bit.  Hmmmm,….. maybe I should try that.  It might keep me in the kitchen long enough so that I don’t burn as many meals. I’m always running out of the kitchen the minute I think I can get away with it. What do other people do in the kitchen while they are cooking?



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