My daughter’s second grade art teacher did a very interesting experiment.  She had the second graders sit in front of a mirror and draw a picture of themselves in September.  Then in April she asked the kids to do another drawing of themselves while in front of a mirror.  Here are my daughter’s results.

I wonder if this is a mirror into her growth in self awareness.  Or is it just improvement in fine motor skills? Do the portraits show a happy child progressing toward a moody pre-teen?  Is she more aware of eyelashes, lip color and having hair that does not defy gravity six months later? She included her whole body standing on a blue ground in September.  In April we see only her face and shoulders. Does this mean her perception of how much space she occupies in the world has changes, or is her eyesight just better?

On the sewing front – I got another row attached to my blooming nine patch.

It only occurred to me this week that my husband might not like the finished quilt.  He loves the color green and this definitely isn’t a green quilt.  Someone suggested that I make this quilt reversible and make the back a green quilt.  Since quilting is a lot faster than knitting, I can see myself either doing that or making a second quilt altogether and just alternating them.  (I can’t see my husband ever making the bed though).

I’ve also been playing around with applique.  I didn’t think I liked applique until I tried it.

Cynthia at Stitch Your Art Out turned me on to a product that has the applique shapes printed on it. To work with it, you rough cut it out, and stitch around the solid line with interfacing on top of the right side of the fabric.  You have to make sure the rough side of the interfacing is touching the right side of the fabric.  Trim following the dotted lines.  Cut a slit along the dotted line in the middle, being careful not to cut your fabric.  Turn the whole thing inside out, and iron onto your background fabric.  From there you have a choice of sewing techniques.  I choose to use a nylon thread, and a blanket stitch with both the width and length setting at 1.

The end result is this:

I think I like the look of this method better than when you use a paper backed double sided fusible webbing.  It gives the edges a little bit of a raised look and makes the whole thing look almost like needle turned applique, which is something I never thought would matter to me.

If I did the same self portrait experiment my daughter did,  would my self portrait from 6 months ago somehow be able to indicate that six months ago I didn’t even know what needle turned applique was, and didn’t care.



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