almost there

The knitting is finished on my Aidez Cardigan (free pattern on the Berroco site).

All that needs done is the sewing up. Sewing up always surprises me in how long it takes. I’ve also discovered a pleasant surprise in that the yarn called Comfort is an excellent choice for sewing up a knitted garment. I stumbled upon that fact out of sheer laziness. I had a ball lying on the coffee table from another project and was too lazy to get up out of the sofa to get another yarn. Usually the advice is to match the sewing up yarn’s properties to the properties of the garment’s yarn. In other words, use superwash wool with superwash wool, feltable wool with feltable wool, etc. But I think using comfort with this wool will be fine.


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We love to knit with Noro yarns
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2 Responses to almost there

  1. Knitting has gone out of fashion in South Africa. It is impossible to get beautiful chunky wool anymore. Great pattern stitch.

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