woman cave?

A few weeks ago I took the kids to NYC while my husband stayed home, worked and took care of the pets.  This weekend my husband took the kids to West Virginia while I stayed home, worked and took care of the pets.  It gives both of us a little break from each other and the pressures of taking care of young children. We do it every summer.  I take the kids somewhere without him for a few days, and he takes the kids somewhere without me for a few days.

When I take the kids out of town without my husband does things he likes to do that he can’t or doesn’t want to do when everyone is at home.  He makes a huge pot of ratatouille and eats that for all three meals for the entire week.  He folds the kitchen table so that it can only seat two people instead of four. He drinks beer and watches horror flicks all night. He seems happy when we get home, but he also seems to enjoy his alone time at home too.
There is the term, “man cave” to denote a living space that has been created with the comforts and interests of a stereotypical man in mind. I know someone who had a “man cave” custom built in the basement of his new home.  He had a bathroom with a urinal. A HUGE tv and gaming system dominates the room.  There is a fridge and microwave in this basement room for the express purpose of storing beer and heating up nachos.  It is a room designed expressly for the comfort and interests of a “man”. (The word man is in quotation marks because I know some men who don’t like to watch sports, drink beer and play video games all day. but that is another story)

This weekend with my husband and kids out of town I moved my sewing machine in front of the tv and spread fabric all the room.

I was basically setting up my “woman cave”.  It is comfortable for me to live like this. I can’t leave my sewing machine here when the kids and hubby get home.  I’ll just have to enjoy one weekend of sewing and watching the tv at the same time.



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