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Why I hate July 4

I’ve been just too too busy to get on the computer since July 4. Every year there are July 4 concerts.  They happen outdoors where bugs live.  Bugs like me. My blood is more appealing to bugs than other peoples’ … Continue reading

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Look at what Marcia made

The yarn is Noro Kureyon, of course.  It is two very contrasting shades of Kureyon. It is beautiful.  It is warm.  It is wonderful. I love it.

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Starting a lace Shawl with a provisional cast on

Lots of lace shawl patterns will instruct you to start with a provisional cast on.  Marcia ignores this step and will just cast on 9 (or whatever the number is that you end up with after you’ve taken out the … Continue reading

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another noro vest

I’ve been knitting a sweater for each of my kids’ picture day since they were in preschool.  This year both of my kids asked for vests instead of sweaters.  Yay!  no sleeves to deal with.  I love knitting vests. I … Continue reading

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A little less slow

As I’ve said before, knitting is slow.  But some knitting is slower than other.  And some times it is personal. Like for instance, I find that it takes me longer to knit a square of garter stitch than stockinette stitch.  … Continue reading

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mitered or mitred

I love doing mitered or mitred squares in knitting.  I’ve been working on a mitred square sock blanket for what seems like forever.  Often I put it aside for a more immediate or appealling project and will forget about it … Continue reading

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Knitting is slow

Originally I had planned on knitting an afghan for my brother-in-law Jimmy.  Jimmy is my favorite among my husband’s siblings.  He never forgets the kids’ birthdays and he always send a package at Christmas.  His packages are always interesting and … Continue reading

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