Why I hate July 4

I’ve been just too too busy to get on the computer since July 4.

Every year there are July 4 concerts.  They happen outdoors where bugs live.  Bugs like me. My blood is more appealing to bugs than other peoples’ blood.  But during these July 4 concerts I can’t swat away the bugs because I’m being paid to play the damn 1812 Overture.

I also dislike July 4 concerts because the music the is the same every year and the viola part tends to be very very uninteresting to play.

I also dislike July 4 concerts because there are fireworks and I dislike being close enough to the fireworks that my bones rattle and my ears hurt.  But I can’t stop playing the 1812 Overture to run away from the fireworks and cover my ears.

But every year, I end up having no gigs in June.  And the email about needing a violist to come play the July 4 concerts for a measly $500 usually arrives just as I have my checkbook out and am trying to figure out how to pay $1000 worth of bills with only $500.  So every year I agree to play July 4.  And every year I swear this will be the last year I play a July 4 gig.

This year there was one bright spot.  We played on the ball field at Metro Park Stadium.  Right on second base.  I’m no baseball fan, but even I felt the magic of the baseball field.  They even let the musicians borrow the hometown baseball team’s jerseys.

I sent a friend a copy of this picture.

She said I looked happy in that picture.  I said I was happy because the bugs had not started swarming  and I had no idea there was going to be fireworks fired just 20 feet from my head yet.  Believe me, I was plenty grumpy about 30 minutes after that photo was taken.

But that is enough about me complaining about my gig.

During the July 4 weekend, I also got a chance to see Marcia’s Noro Log Cabin Afghan in progress.

Isn’t it gorgeous.

Almost makes me want to do one too.  Almost.

I HAVE to finish something first before I start something else.



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